Getting started

Spent yesterday scoping out Davis Square in Somerville, MA. I’m headed there now, to busk for the first time. Wish me luck!

At the Damariscotta Pumpkin Fest last weekend, I met a lovely young woman (she was excited to find my dog was a Xolo – she had thought it was a mythical breed) who was raised as a traveler, part of a family band on permanent tour. She elected to settle down in high school and left the itinerant life behind. She was a great soul to cross paths with! Helped me feel a little less crazy for choosing this life.

Plus, Damariscotta Pumpkin Fest is awesome. All the local businesses have artists carve/paint/decorate these enORmous pumpkins, which line Main St. Plus, they shoot pumpkin rockets. More on that later.

Having a ball visiting wonderful folks around Boston, plus meeting new friends (Hi, Steven!). Feeling spoiled by the great food I’m eating, and I’m polishing off raspberries from my father’s house as I write.

I’ll let you know how my first day on the job goes!


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