Work, baby, work!

Lord, I am a baby to this life!

Few quick tips on vandwelling:

If there’s a choice between liquid or dry, always choose dry.
Every coffee shop has an electrical outlet somewhere.
Ask Walmart if they allow overnighters. They’re usually really nice.
Keep the windows open as much as possible.

And now for some tips on busking!

Harass the passerby at every opportunity. Threaten to play until you get a tip. Comment on their outfits.

Wear your prettiest, weirdest outfit.

Leave no more than $2 in your case at a time.

Dance, and be brave.

Here’s what’s been happening in JoLoVille: God, what day is it? Days slip by if you’re not careful, on the road.

I went to a baby shower in Massachusetts and made both an important new business contact and a whole new branch of family. Charlotte, NC, we are going to make some beautiful music! Ended the evening singing “Southern Cross” in three-part harmony, and that musical connection is waiting for me down south. Am I a Southerner? Time will tell.

The first busking event! I sat on a bench in my dirtiest duds and was mostly ignored.

One very nice man asked me if I gave lessons, and tipped me two dollars. A woman and her daughter, Olivia, stopped to utterly spoil my dog with goldfish crumbs, and I played “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” for them by request. One woman tipped me a Chewy snack bar.

All told, my take was four dollars and a snack. Hey, at least parking was free. Oh wait, I paid $2 for parking. Live and learn! I think I would have made more if
1. I had been standing
2. I had a better outfit
3. I had engaged the passerby verbally.

In Providence, RI, I was utterly gastronomically spoiled by my sister and her family, plus I spent Sunday afternoon on the beach. Lovely. Tried to book a last-minute gig, but no dice, so Monday (after a fascinating lunch with my Uncle – Hi Uncle G! Thanks again!) I went busking near Brown University.

There was a lot of foot traffic, but I only made a few bucks. Two highlights:

A young man gave me a dollar because he’d passed by once already when I had made up a ditty about how I wasn’t leaving until I got a tip. He gave me a buck and said, “I heard you earlier: fuck the haters!” Awexome.

A beautiful woman with red hair and a lovely red jacket walked by, then came back several minutes later. “You are so beautiful,” she said, “and you have a voice like an angel.” She took a business card, and joined my mailing list. C, if you’re reading this, that meant more to me than you can know. Thank you.

One hell of a couple days! I stopped by Mystic, CT last night to see if I might play, but no foot traffic. Off to NYC! Lurve you, reader!


2 thoughts on “Work, baby, work!

  1. There are stars in the southern sky. Can’t wait to see you and sing with you and Kerry on Sunday. What would you like for dinner? My husband Dave is a terrific cook and would be delighted to be at your service. Laura

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