Get Important

l am in a long fight with myself. It’s like a kind of fight I’ve seen married people have, where the disagreement can fade into the background for long periods of time, but a minor event can bring it roaring to the forefront. I struggle to feel that I am important.

Best comeback I ever concocted: my partner at the time said, “Hey, I matter.” I replied, “You’re made of matter.” Chortle! Knee slap! Unfortunately I think it was a pretty accurate reflection of my views about myself.

It is imperative that you get important to yourself as soon as possible. I am not consistently important to myself, but the good things come out when I am. I quit placating and taking undue responsibility for other people’s thoughts and emotions. The time I spend with myself gains value.

Although I believe in the nobility of service, as well as the personal rewards it bequeaths, (You are now leaving the linguistic Middle Ages. We hope you have enjoyed your stay.) I think that true selflessness must ultimately arise from a place of self-respect.

In the end, if you’re not even worth your own time, who are you doing it for? Have an opinion. Honor yourself. Get important.

P.S. l took a long hiatus from this blog in order to process some personal stuff. I’m back now. See you next week.


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